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Nose On Scent Exercise

Ever wonder how police dogs use their sense of smell to find drugs and explosives?

In this nose on scent exercise class we will use the same training techniques to train your pup to detect the odor of an essential (legal) oil. You and your dog will work as a team to locate this odor when it’s hidden in containers at various levels of difficulty.  This introductory course will prepare you for an ORT (Odor Recognition Test) with the NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work). Once you have passed this test, you can start taking your dogs to trials.

Dogs love to use their noses and this is a great way to exercise their brains!

This class is not for competition; it’s for a fun, interactive activity to enjoy with your canine companion

It includes:

  • Introduction to odor
  • Targeting
  • Handling and training techniques
  • Beginner search games
  • A complete nose work kit: complete with everything you will need to practice at home and elsewhere.

Level 1:

Sunday class: 5/15/16 @ 11:30am:

Level 2 (Prerequisite – Level 1):

group_noseSunday class: 5/15/16 @ 1pm:

Tuesday class: 5/17/16 @ 12pm: