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Every dog should receive some type of obedience training! Dog obedience training enables us to better communicate with our canine companions, as well as strengthen our bond with them. This important bond is a necessary ingredient in repairing most adult dog and puppy behavioral problems and can be easily established with the right dog training program.The highly-successful COU dog training is based on pack psychology, trial and error, and conditioned responses. By using these time-tested methods, the dogs we train learn faster and are much less prone to lapse into old habits. In fact, most dogs we train are ready for off-leash walks in as little as 4 to 8 weeks! COU dog training aids include:French Bulldog in Down Command

  • Leash and Collar Training
  • Positive Reinforcement
  • The Latest RDC (Remote Dog Collar) Training

Visit our online training video library for sample dog obedience sessions, techniques, and results. Not All Dogs Are Created Equal One of the most important elements of the dog training process is an initial pet evaluation. As dog personalities and temperaments vary among breeds and litters, the experienced COU dog trainer will cater your canine obedience program to addressing your concerns while considering your dog’s specific traits. Learn more about COU’s pet evaluation process. Dog Training Program Formats Whether jump-starting a basic puppy dog obedience program, teaching an old dog new tricks, or maintaining a consistently well-behaved dog in any environment, Canine Obedience Unlimited utilizes the most effective techniques that result in positive, long-term dog behavior. The COU dog training program formats include:

  • At Home Dog Training-Geared toward the dog owner who wants to work closely with his or her pet in the training process, at home dog training consists of private lessons scheduled at your convenience. Prerequisite: None.
  • Dog Obedience Training Class-For all dog breeds and ages, this group setting provides individual attention while teaching your dog how to behave around other animals. Unlimited lifetime group lessons are available. Prerequisite: At Home Dog Training or equivalent.
  • Dog Training Camps-The most popular of the COU dog training programs, this residency or day school environment offers concentrated command reinforcement 3 to 5 times each day. Prerequisite: None.

While some may want to save a few dollars by enrolling Fido in a no-frills, pet store dog training course, most realize that the only way to achieve permanent dog behavior modification is to contact a professional dog obedience training company, such as Canine Obedience Unlimited. For more information about canine obedience training, program formats, or general questions, please contact us using this form below.