We offer many valuable dog obedience training MD classes, as well as dog training in Washington DC, Baltimore and Frederick. Read on to learn more about the different types of training programs that we offer!

Private Training and Group Training Classes

For all dog breeds and ages. Geared toward the dog owner who wants to and has the time to work closely with his or her pet in the training process, at home dog training consists of private lessons scheduled at your convenience. Our private lesson programs can be done in your home, at our dog training facility, or at the park. Group obedience training classes are held 6 days a week for your convenience!

Day School Training Camps

A very popular choice, the day school training camp environment offers concentrated command reinforcement in your home or wherever you are having problems, giving you a high success rate. We come out to your home and work with your dog Monday through Friday while you’re at work or out running errands or you can leave your dog with us for the day. After completion of the camp, we will provide you with additional lessons to transfer the training to you, and we include our Lifetime Follow-up support.

Overnight Boarding Training Camps

Image of a well-behaved black Labrador retriever with a childThe most popular of the COU dog training programs, this program offers concentrated command reinforcement giving it a higher success rate than any other program. We take the leash completely off your hands and your dog stays at our dog training and boarding resort. During your dog’s stay, he or she will be worked with for 3 sessions per day. If your dog is social, supervised playtimes will also be included. After completion of the camp, we will provide the owners with additional lessons to transfer the training to them. Lifetime Follow-up support is included.


Specialty Dog Training Packages

We offer specialty packages that are customized to take you beyond the basic dog training.

  • Agility dog training
  • Executive alert dog training
  • Assistance dog training
  • Hunting dog training
  • Scent detection dog training

Prerequisite: Certification of on and off leash obedience