Bart Bellon Seminar

E – Collar / Sport Protection / Obedience


Bart Bellon was born in 1960 and grew up in Burundi, a Belgian colony , Bart got in touch with dogs in Africa , where dogs were being used to protect land.

When Bart came back to Belgium in 1974, he lived near the city of Mechelen, the hometown of the Malinois. It did not take him long before Bart went to the Ringsport Club, which was one of the most well known clubs in Belgium.

He became a member and started working as the “villian“, working dogs took over a big part of his life and later on in 1992 Bart won the Belgium Ring Championship with Flup, his cross bred German Shepherd/ Malinois dog. In 2002 Bart became again the Belgian Ring Champion with his well known Malinois Zodt. Between 1992 and 2002 at least 7 Belgian Champions came from Bart’s club.

Together with Dr. Helmut Raiser, Bart helped writing “Contact” and was the brain behind “Dances with Malinios


I have attended 2 of the weekend workshops with Bart. This first one which was held by Canine Obedience Unlimited In Suffolk VA and the 2nd one at Rick Burgos kennel in Virginia. His seminars were both great with the 2nd one really be done nicely. I also have had a day of private training with Bart which I found to be a joy. Bart knows his stuff and would recommend him to anyone who is looking to be able to provide an extremely high level of training.