Chad Mackin Seminar

Thank you Chad for putting on a great seminar for us here in September 2010!

Pack to Basics is an innovative approach rehabilitating dogs who have trouble getting along with other dogs and people. Chad Mackin developed the Pack to Basics system after learning about Large Field Socialization.
Unlike Large Field Socialization, Pack to Basics doesn’t require large amount of open land. It can be done safely indoors and in smaller areas.

Pack to Basics can:
-eliminate most dog to dog fighting
-Greatly reduce dog to person aggression issues
-Build dog confidence creating a more stable dog
-Build owner confidence in their dog, making them stronger leaders
-Reduce or eliminate submissive urination
-Improve dog’s obedience by building a more reflective, less reactive mindset
-Build internal proofs against distractions by stabilizing the dog’s mind
-Build your business
-Allow you to build your community

Join us for the two-day Pack to Basics workshop and gain the ability offer this wonderful program to your clients!


September 25th-26th 2010

3051 Thurston Rd Frederick,MD 21704

Maximum of 30 dogs Unlimited Spectators.Check this page for DISCOUNTS on hotels soon!

Handler w/ dog $375.00

Spectator w/o dog $200.00

1 Day Spectator w/o dog $110.00

To Register Please Call 240-793-5787

Chad has been training dogs professionally since 1993. He has spent most of that career trying to find better ways to improve the communication between the dog and the dog’s owner. He believes that the key to a better behaved and obedient dog is building a proper relationship built on trust and communication. He has combined years of research and experience to create a training program that emphasizes education and understanding rather than simply trying to impose our will on the dog.

Chad has had articles on both kennel management and dog training published in the Safehands Journal, a national magazine for dog professionals, and has also appeared in Off Lead magazine.

In March of 2005 he was honored to stand in for nationally renowned dog trainer Dick Russell as a presenter at the International Association of Canine Professionals conference.

In April of 2005 Chad accepted a position on the Board of Directors for the Interational Association of Canine Professionals.

In October 2005, Chad became a certified E-touch instructor, allowing him to teach the revolutionary E-touch training system to other professional trainers.

In June of 2008 Chad was elected Vice President of the International Association of Canine Professionals.

Chad is the creator and founder of the Pack To Basics (TM) system of socializing difficult dogs and teaches workshops around the country on this subject.

Chad also serves as one of the Senior Avisory Team of the IACP’s LEASH program which is described by the IACP as “A team of seasoned veterans assembled to aid members who may require extra help and encouragement.”

Through the LEASH program and through less formal avenues, Chad’s advice has been sought by other professional trainers both locally and internationally.