Below are some of the many letters and client testimonials we have received. We highly recommend coming to visit us during a class so you can meet our clients and their dogs, and arrange a free training evaluation to meet one-on-one with our trainers. For references and more information please contact us.



Recently I was looking to re-home my Goldendoodle puppy due to my work schedule. At the same time Andrew was looking for a puppy for a family, we connected through a mutual breeder. After talking through the needs of the family, the puppy and what I was looking for, he brought us together at his facility (which is amazing!) It was love at first sight for the family and puppy! Several weeks later my puppy had a wonderful home. I believe it was Andrew’s expertise and personal touch that made this a really great experience. Andrew was kind, informative and very understanding through the transition. I know this puppy is well taken care of. I highly recommend Andrew, his staff and facility, truly incredible!

– Gay A.


I recommend your training and boarding services to all of the dog owners I know!

When I first brought my dog in for a training evaluation, she was extremely timid and protective of me (she was sweet as can be but had a few issues to say the least!). After a few private lessons and regular attendance in obedience class, I have a completely different dog. The trainers have been nothing but friendly, supportive, helpful, and patient. They genuinely care about the dogs as well as their owners and make a point of following up with you after you ask them questions or for advice. My dog still has her issues, but she is now so much calmer, more confident, and acts out much less often. Even my neighbors have remarked the incredible change!

Dogi Zone has also been a great place to board my dog. They have been flexible and are willing to work with my schedule, and I know that I am leaving her in good hands. She is always very happy to see me, but she also returns to Dogi Zone for obedience class wagging her tail.

Simply put, this is an amazing place for dog owners and their dogs!

– Bethany A.


COU has been incredible! I had tried another trainer and other training techniques, but nothing was working. Within 24 hrs I went from frustration to enjoying my Dobbie puppy, and it’s only gotten better from there. Without hesitation, I recommend everyone to COU. Very satisfied.

– Dean Z.


We were VERY happy with our experience. Our dog is doing well. George was great to work with. We would recommend you guys to anyone looking for a training program. Thanks!

– Donnie C.


We brought Simba to your facility when he was about 7 months old and signed up for the lifetime/unlimited training. I have been pleased with the training offered by Andrew and Marty. I got excellent training on loose leash walking and other commands from the private training offered by Marty and Andrew, and till date, Simba follows the leash walk without any problems. He is also good with other commands (like place, sit, down) and for most part he is very obedient.

Often times, trainers and owners of training facility don’t care how the dog or family is doing, but in your case, I found that you guys have genuine interest in training and well being.

– Raghavan C.


We’ve been incredibly impressed with George’s expertise! The difference we’ve seen in her behavior is incredible and we owe it all to you! Thank you a thousand times over!!

– Stephanie F.


My family met the staff of COU when we were interviewing training facilities for my daughter of

12 years old to train her first puppy.

She presented herself as serious about taking on this responsibility. Though after visiting facilities in the area, in which everyone focused the attention on me as the adult, we were very surprised when Andrew Fraser asked who will be training the puppy? When my daughter replied she would, he then turned his attention to her. He asked her what she wanted to learn and do with her new puppy? We then knew this was where she would begin training.

She signed up for her first puppy class, and had so much fun with George, she signed up for another class.
The classes with both George and Marty were informative and enjoyable for all that attended.

George and Marty did not treat her like a child, though as another dog owner and handler. I attribute this to her success in training her puppy. She liked that she was treated equal and practiced between classes to show she had made improvement. This was recognized as she continued to improve. George and Marty always looked out for her though never made her feel different, being the only youth in the class.

As the weeks turned into months and the months into over a year of training, practice and having lots of fun, my family has become very fond of the entire staff at COU

– Carolyn H.


I’ve had a GREAT experience with Canine Obedience Unlimited. I would highly recommend your company to any pet owner I know, and I can see why I was recommended to bring Merlin here. Everyone is very welcoming and supportive to any problem I may have with. I love attending the group class. Both myself and my parents have seen great improvement since we first started taking classes. I think the free consultation really helps when you are first looking into dog training. It’s great to come to the facility and see classes in action, and just having someone knowledgeable with a dog training background to give input is always reassuring.

– Jenna M.


I loved the training. Both captain and I benefited greatly from our sessions.

– Soozn S.


My entire experience has been excellent with COU. My dog is a problem dog to say the least, your entire staff has been nothing but patient, informative, and supportive of my dog’s issues and the long journey to solving them. My dog’s well-being has been of the utmost importance. I was pointed to the veternarian upstairs when we realized we were not going to be able to get through to my dog without the help of medications to help his anxiety issues. Your staff even accommodated me by helping escort my dog through the busy lobby and speaking to the vet about his behavior. Also, rather than have me use the kennel on site, my dog’s happiness was again a top priority when it was suggested that my dog not stay in the kennel, as it would upset him too much. I don’t have enough good things to say about you guys! I get to disrupt group classes each week in order for my dog to overcome his issues. The set up of unlimited group classes after my private sessions is an awesome use of my time and money. My only wish is that there were more group class times to choose from. With my work schedule the Thursday evening time is the only one I am able to attend, alternate evening times would be great, I would attend as many group classes as I could if my schedule allowed. Thanks for all that you guys do! You’re allowing my dog to live a happier, healthier life!

– Addie J.


We think the training definitely did Yoshi well. He is less snappy and walks better. He has not been mean to our other dog. The e-collar is a great tool for him. We don’t really have any struggles, except the death stare he gives unfamiliar people…I guess that is something that will always be with him. You were both very patient, friendly, and aware of our deafness and were willing to accommodate us as needed.

– Rosy D.


Foxy is doing great … She is a year old now . We continue to work with her with the things you taught us but overall she is listening well. We will definitely let you know if we ever need any training or advise in the future . We had a very positive experience with Canine Obedience and would definitely recommend it to others !

– Melissa M.


The training you gave us was great!

– Shannon O.


Our little Rat Terrier mix Mia has come  a long way from the time you taught us how to help her.  No longer biting or nipping, and she socializes well with other dogs and other people.

– Peter P.


I absolutely am so glad I found you all. I can’t imagine what Dolly would be like without COU assistance. It had been 9 years since we last did obedience training of a young dog and times have changed. Seemed the only group training I could fine was ‘cookie/positive only’ training. Great for a young puppy but not a 6+ mo old lab…at least not for Dolly. Anyway, I’m totally enjoying training with Dolly and so appreciate all I have learned from Andrew , Marty and George. You all are ABSOLUTELY THE BEST!

– Donna W.


We had four year old Ruby for a little less than two months when the ice from the long winter started thawing and our neighbors – two and four legged – started to emerge from the long winter.  Everything new set Ruby off – usually in lightning fast moves and rapid barking!  Though we always had planned to take her to obedience class, just like our previous eight Labradors, we knew Ruby was “different”.  We had experience with three different dog clubs and realized that the last one we attended would just be too hectic for her.  We tried out a new club that came with good recommendations but Ruby was such a challenge that the instructor rarely came near us!  Just being in the parking lot with another dog was enough to set Ruby off into a tirade of barking and lunging at the other dog.  Fortunately, we heard from several people about the trainers and program at C.O.U.  We started with three private lessons with George and saw immediate results from his recommendations – especially the “houch” command with our sock stealing friend.  In June we began the unlimited group obedience classes, averaging approximately two classes a week.  By October, Ruby was working at the Sub Novice/Novice level and sitting, off leash, right next to other dogs in the class!  We even met our Halloween goal with Ruby politely greeting the trick-or-treaters along with her four legged big brother and sister.

C.O.U. was there when we needed them and we plan to continue Ruby’s schooling with them.  Their common sense approach has been refreshing.  Working with the three trainers has been invaluable as they all have an extensive background in dog training and it’s their life’s work – not a sideline or hobby.  Ruby had put us into a quandary trying to find the right path to take with her and the trainers were always there to answer our questions with workable solutions.  The dogs are definitely C.O.U.’s number one priority but the dog owners learn much more than they ever could have imagined.  Fellow class attendees also have been great with their much appreciated support.  We have and will continue to recommend C.O.U. to anyone that wants a dog training program that really works!

– Andy B.


I did the board and train with Canine Obedience for two weeks. He was a high energy pup so it was hard to get him to focus. He was also stubborn in doing what he was told every time. It was a bit expensive but I had to board him anyway since I was going out of town and the additional training costs were what I would consider completely reasonable and he would get additional exercise so he didn’t go stir crazy.

I came back to a very happy pup who had an instant turn around in behavior. I went from having to crate him while I was at work or at night to giving him free roam of the house and even feeling comfortable enough to let him off leash in any situation because I know he will listen to me no matter what. Also, I have the fail safe of the training collar they gave me as part of the package. It also comes with unlimited training to work out any issues you may encounter and also develop further training. The trainers are all very nice and very skilled with handling dogs and instructing the owner what to do.

I also did a class with them before doing the board and train. I felt like me and my dog learned a lot through this class as well, though you have to follow through with the training which I wasn’t as good at. After two weeks of continuous training, it was much easier because he knew the commands already rather than me still having to teach him.

Overall great deal. I love it.

– Lauren D.


Andrew did at-home instruction with us and our 18month old rescue dog. Lucy is part hound and border collie and a total handful. She was constantly squirrel crazed and running wild through the neighborhood if she accidentally got out.  Andrew gave us not only clear instruction but great insight into her behavior for handling her. He was professional , extremely knowledgable and best of all he easily translated his expertise into tools and training we could use. We saw immediate results after the first week and have enjoyed having a better trained, happier dog since. Andrew has offered continued assistance and we have recommended Canine Obedience to many friends and neighbors and will continue to do so. We cannot recommend them more enthusiastically.

– Meg M.


I love Canine Obedience. I had my dog board-and-trained. As a previous reviewer noted, they do use the electric collar training method which can be used inappropriately but from my interaction with them and the research I’ve done, they use it in an appropriate way. I have read horror stories of dogs becoming aggressive because the trainers tell owners to just turn the collar up if a problem exists, leading to fear-induced behavior. Canine Obedience did not seem to have this mentality.

When I picked my dog up from Canine Obedience after 2 weeks, they gave me a training on my dog’s new training. George told me straight out that the collar would give my dog a zap. He had me hold the collar in my hand and give myself a zap too so I could understand what the dog was feeling. He then told me that the highest I should go for my 100 pound dog was a 3 (out of 7), though lower settings should be used first and that I should only use it to get his attention. If there was a problem with the dog actually doing the trick, I was likely doing something wrong and to come to the classes. I have used each setting on myself because I in no way wanted to overdo it and hurt my dog. I recommend anyone who considers electric collar training do the same.

This being said, I have looked into electric collar training. As I said earlier, there are some horror stories of it being misused. To use it correctly, it should only be used to the strength where the dog’s ears perk up and they come to attention. 3 is where my dog reacts and George told me this. I understand that not everyone feels comfortable with using electric collars but if you do decide that may work for you and your dog, I highly recommend their unlimited training.

I also did a basic training class with them, where they do not use an electric collar. It was this class that made me see the trainers truly care about the dogs and that they are good at what they do, otherwise I never would have done the board and train. I suggest you do the same because it is the only way to get a sense of if they can help you and your dog. Maybe they worked better with my dog because he was stubborn but they wouldn’t work for a laid back dog. I don’t know for sure but I wouldn’t spend the money (a lot of it!) until you get an idea of how well this would work for what you want.

– Lauren H.


Caroline’s agility classes at Canine Obedience Unlimited are fun, challenging and for any dog! My German Shepherds have shown amazing improvements every single week we attend. When we first started, in the course of one week, my dogs went from outwardly refusing to do obstacles, to happily ready to run any element I ask. Their transformation continues to surprise me. Caroline’s ability to provide a positive environment where the dogs feel encouraged to perform with confidence is one of a kind. Oh and the added bonus of an exhausted dog at the end of the night makes this class worth every penny.

– Marcy K.


I highly recommend Canine Obedience Unlimited for several reasons. The foundation of this organization is based upon combining the most up to date school of thought consisting of professionalism, skill, insight, experience and honesty. This is the place where wishes come true regardless of how impossible they may seem.

If you love your pet, Canine Obedience Unlimited is a sound investment and well reap great rewards for years to come.

Thank you Andrew, I appreciate the time and effort you have invested into Mica and I.

– Yale E.


By March of this year, I had a very active 7 month old Golden Retriever puppy named Murphy with whom I was madly in love. However, he was now much stronger than I was and walking him was nearly impossible. I had tried in-home training with a person that said they specialized in large breed 8 wk. old puppies, however, both Murphy and I were afraid of her (not a good sign) so we gave up. Then we went to a local per store for training, but I could never get Murphy to do for me what he did in the class. Additionally, the class was very large and Murphy seemed to be the poster dog for not listening and disrupting the class. Knowing I had to do something and do it soon, I started looking at websites for dog trainers and making calls. Often times, no one called me back. One place said they couldn’t give me any references because of privacy issues (no, I am not making that up!!!) Then I found the Canine Obedience Unlimited website and liked what I read about Andrew’s training and the options they provided for training. I called and Andrew returned my call that day. We made an appointment for him to come and meet with Murphy and me. I guess you could say the third time was the charm. Murphy immediately like Andrew and so did I. First of all, Andrew brought along his own dog to demonstrate some things which I really liked and was impressed with. We discussed my goals for Murphy, and Andrew explained the options he had for training. I opted for the 10 at home 1 hour sessions with unlimited access to the park training classes. I also decided upon the use of the remote collar since Murphy is extremely strong. Right from the beginning, Andrew was patient yet in charge with Murphy. Soon he began watching me with Murphy and giving me helpful hints on how to use the collar and correct unwanted behaviors. I felt like we were getting somewhere. Again, he used his own dog sometimes to get a point across. Dogs and their owners alike really relate to Andrew as he is so good with both. After a while, I started to attend the park classes. They are wonderful! We learned so much by being with other dogs and talking to their owners. I was amazed at Andrew’s lessons with all different levels of dogs in training and how smoothly everything went. Usually, there were about 10 people at the most in each class and all had trained with Andrew! Plus there is the option of 4 classes a week at different locations.

Canine Obedience has truly changed my life with Murphy. We walk happily together and he gets along with all different kinds of dogs, thanks to Andrew. I cannot say enough about the value of this dog training. Plus, you don’t have to feel like you are finished training as the dark park classes go on forever and Andrew in only a phone call away if you need some help.

Thanks for everything Andrew!

– Judi W.


When I became pregnant with our first child, I realized that Brian, our lovable 1 year old golden retriever, was going to need some training. Before working with COU, Brian was difficult on his leash, jumped up on visitors, and bounded down stairs. I had visions of me being 8 months pregnant or holding a newborn on the stairs and having to brace myself as an 82 pound Brian thundered past.The individualized personal training Brian received from COU suited our needs perfectly. A trainer came out to our house in Poolesville – something other trainers were unwilling to even consider. He worked with Brian and taught us techniques of how to communicate effectively with Brian. Our friends and family were amazed at the difference in Brian. He’s still excited when they arrive for a visit, but isn’t toppling them over. Now that our baby is here, Brian displays self-control and obeys commands. He lies down next to her during floor-time play, doesn’t try and eat her toys, and allows her to pat his fur. We go down the stairs together or he waits until the path is clear. His walks now include baby in the stroller and he’s adapted just fine. The training and tools from Canine Obedience Unlimited work! The time you put into it will return an obedient dog. It is an investment that pays for itself by making life more enjoyable and in our case, safe. I would repeat the decision in a heartbeat. Best of all, I know that if problems were to arise in the future, Andrew & team would be there to help.


Hello Andrew,

In gratitude to you, Ciel and I celebrate the Love and Life we share together. Our story was well on its way to a very different outcome because Ciel was out of control no matter how much time and training I had invested in her. You changed that with your heart felt, on the mark training.

We love you!

– Ciel & Sharon


When we adopted our lovely 65 pound mutt Chico he was a mess! He knew his name, but that was about all he knew. Chico would only listen when he felt like listening (and that didn’t happen very often) and walking him was awful because he pulled on the leash constantly! You had to be careful opening the door because he thought it was a fun game for us to chase him around the neighborhood, running away at least 4 times within the first month or two of adopting him. We had tried everything we could think of to help us train Chico, from choke chains and prong collars to obedience class at a local pet store. Nothing was successful…and then we had the good luck of meeting Andrew with Canine Obedience Unlimited. Andrew met Chico and was not only willing to work with our stubborn dog, but also confident that he could help us. That was music to our ears, and not once have we been let down since that day. Chico now walks beautifully on a leash, to the point where sometimes we’ll even forget he’s on the other end of the leash because he heels so perfectly next to us. Now when friends come over we can swing the door wide open without any fear of Chico trying to sneak out, and on top of that Chico can do some nice tricks that impress everyone. We can point to almost any sizable object (chair, bench, tree stump, etc.) and Chico will go over and sit on that object and wait for us, or we can direct Chico to go upstairs and wait for us. This is all on top of the basic come, sit, stay, heel, and lay down.

Watching the transformation of our dog Chico from an unruly, mischievous dog to our obedient, wonderful dog has been amazing to witness.
It’s a great feeling to be able to show off our dog and impress other people rather than constantly having to apologize for our dog’s embarrassing behavior. Chico continues to improve with each park class we attend, which is great for building Chico’s social skills in a more controlled environment than a dog park. When we are ready for our next dog there is no question about where we will bring it for training…Canine Obedience Unlimited!

– Becca & Walter McGrath


Canine Obedience Unlimited has changed our out of control lab, Roxy into a well-behaved dog. She pulled on a leash to the point that we couldn’t even take her for walks. After only one session, she was walking right by our side and our kids can even walk her to. It was amazing! Now we can actually enjoy her. We truly believe that Canine Obedience Unlimited can train any dog.

– Justin and Jennifer Wong


We just wanted to take a moment to let you know how very happy we are with all the help training what we thought was going to be an
un-trainable giant! (While Leo is very sweet, he is not the brightest dog.) While Eric was so excited about having a Great Dane, I was very apprehensive. Mostly because I was worried I would not be able to control him due to his rather large stature. You certainly made those fears disappear.

From the first minute Leo met you, it was clear to us just how much you care about and respect dogs. You always managed to be so calm and encouraging, even when I was about to crack and give up There has not been a single time when he has tried to bolt off, even when chasing deer at top speed, or when the neighborhood dogs come in and out of the yard to play. We have such peace of mind knowing that the training you gave him is so ingrained in him that we can leave him outside while we take the kids to the bus stop and have him standing vigil in the driveway when we come back!

When we take him for walks he is a total pleasure. He doesn’t pull on his leash, and is such a good listener that when we have him in the fields behind the house, or on the trails in the woods we can trust him off leash. That is something we were never able to accomplish with our lab, as smart as he was. Leo is extremely well behaved, and everyone who meets him for the first time is so impressed with his personality and behavior.

You really helped us bring out the best in our dog; not an easy task with a rambunctious puppy who seemed to grow exponentially between each visit. Now, almost two years later, he is the size of a full grown human, and because of how well trained he is, you really don’t notice his size. Even our sons’ friends who are apprehensive around dogs feel very comfortable and safe around Leo. He is a pleasure to have around and we have you to thank for giving him such a good foundation.

We can’t thank you enough for helping us have a great ownership experience.

– Eric, Marsha, Sam, and Miles


Thank you Andrew Fraser and Marc Pensyl,

Our dog Jimi was very aggressive due to being abused as a puppy and also possessed a great deal of anxiety and other issues. Jimi is also very intelligent and was able to manipulate other training methods to his advantage. When the Canine Obedience trainers first came to our home to meet Jimi he was highly aggressive toward the trainers and tried to bite through a steel cage to get to them. Even when we took Jimi outside of the home into a neutral area he was still very aggressive towards the trainers and had to be muzzled. The professional trainers from Canine Obedience took over the handling of Jimi and in less than ten minutes the trainers were able to remove the muzzle and interact with Jimi and he was following basic commands given by the trainers. After a couple of lessons Jimi was cleared to enter the group classes and did fine. Jimi was not aggressive towards the other dogs in the class or the other persons attending the class. Jimi still has a ways to go in his learning process but he is now doing very well as he continues to build his confidence and trust which has begun to relieve his anxiety and stress as well as his other issues. We feel very strongly that continued training with Canine Obedience will assist us and Jimi in meeting our goals and help Jimi live a happier and less stressful life.

– Paul, Sandy and Ashley