Andrew Fraser

A dog lover since he was a young man, Andrew Fraser adopted his first dog from the local Humane Society when he was still in high school. Soon, he realized that he would need to find a way to contain his new friend in the yard. While searching for a way to do so, he wandered into the local franchise of Invisible Fence Brand a company that specialized in pet containment and wandered back out with a job. While working for the company, Fraser met and became friendly with several obedience trainers. Those trainers eventually became his mentors as he realized his path in life.


For two years, Fraser apprenticed with the obedience trainers in addition to attending the National K-9 School for Dog Trainers. There, he learned about the physiology and health of dogs, as well as advanced behavioral training methods. After completing the program at the school, he continued to learn about canine training via seminars as well as training and certification at Petsmart, where he also taught obedience classes.


As Fraser continued on his path to becoming a successful canine trainer, he realized that his true dream was to create a program that taught a large variety of training techniques. He understood that, like humans, dogs have unique personalities and do not all respond to the same type of training enforcement. This realization led him to found Canine Obedience Unlimited in October 2004, a school for training canines and their owners to use many differnt approaches to training. Fraser’s training school teaches dog owners to use a humane and safe method that is considered to be one of the best in the world. It never involves bribery, yelling or jerking the dog around. It has been proven to work very effectively on problem dogs, especially.


A lifelong canine lover and successful entrepreneur, Fraser has had the pleasure of learning from world-class trainer Bart Bellon. Fraser is recognized as a Canine Good Citizen by the AKC and is a well-respected member of the International Association of Canine Professionals as well as the Association of Pet Dog Trainers.